PŻM - Company


Polsteam (Polska Żegluga Morska) is one of the the biggest dry bulk shipowner and ships′ operator in Europe. The operator′s global share in that shipping sector is about 0,5 percent. Siedziba Polskiej Żeglugi Morskiej
Polsteam head office.
Plac Rodła 8, Szczecin, PL

Polsteam is the biggest dry bulk shipowner and ships′ operator in Europe and one of the biggest shipowners in the world.

  • about 0,5 per cent share in global transportation of dry cargo in bulk
  • the biggest dry bulk cargo carrier in Europe
  • leader in world transport of liquid sulphur
  • 54 vessels totalling about 2.017 million dwt
  • vessels ranging from 16.600 dwt to 82.000 dwt
  • about 20 million tons of cargoes transported annually
  • Baltic ferry business between Poland and Sweden (railway wagons, trucks, lories, passengers)

For at least twenty years all operating and investment decisions have been taken independently, without taking advantage of any subsidies or protectionism.

Polsteam is a state-owned national entity. Being present on the international shipping market, since its creation the Company has always been functioning within the free market business.