PŻM - Fleet


Polsteam operates 54 vessels totalling 2.017 million dwt.

The fleet can be divided into the following sizes:  a large group of handy-size vessels and panamaxes. Apart from the dry bulk carriers the Company operates 2 liquid sulphur carriers and the car/passenger ferry (m/f Polonia, m/f Gryf, m/f Wolin, m/f Skania) managed by Unity Line Ltd., Szczecin.

According to the renewal program, the Xingang Shipyard delivered to Polsteam in 2009 the ships as follows: m/v MAZOWSZE, m/v ORAWA, m/v KURPIE, mv KOCIEWIE and mv POLESIE.

In 2010 - 8 ships were delivered : 3 bulkers post-panamax type (80.000 dwt.) from New Times Shipyard - mv GIEWONT, mv JAWOR, mv ORNAK), 4 bulkers "laker"  type (30.000 dwt.) from Mingde Shipyard  - mv MIEDWIE, mv DRAWSKO, mv RESKO, mv WICKO, and the bulker from Xingang Shipyard - mv WADOWICE II (37.700 dwt.)

In 2011 were delivered  : mv RYSY (80.000 DWT), mv JUNO (30.000 DWT), mv LUBIE (30.000 DWT), mv REGALICA (16.900 DWT).

Deliveries in 2012  are as follows : mv Solina, mv Narew, mv Raba, mv Olza, mv Szczecin, mv Mamry, mv Prosna, mv San, mv Koszalin, mv Skawa, mv Ina, mv Gdynia and mv Puck.

In 2013 four bulkers kamsarmax type (82.000 dwt.) have been delivered : mv Karpaty (11 January), mv Sudety (25 March), mv Beskidy (8 August) and mv Tatry (3 October).

    Polsteam is currently implementing an investment program for the years 2015-2020. Under this program, the shipowner has already ordered sixteen ships, in two series.
        The first series includes 12 bulkers of the size similar to a series of vessels "Kujawy"-type from the shipyard Tianjin (38,000 dwt.). These new vessels are ordered in Yangfan Shipyard. This modern constructions are the  design of Finnish office Deltamarin, with economical engines. They will come into operation at short intervals, starting from November 2015.
    The second series is "laker"-type with increased size of 36,500 dwt compared to the previous series of ships "Miedwie"-type (30,000 dwt.). Polsteam has ordered four ships of that kind with the option of two adittional in the shipyard Jiangsu Yangzijiang.  They will go into operation in 2017.